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We are currently in beta version with not an overwhelming amount of users which is all the more reason to test our application.
You can test BRANDNEW FEATURES that have never been on market before and you would be able to interact with the other users conveniently and hassle-free while connecting coins in the meantime.
You are going to be the pioneer of the first special PAIRE community.
Please stay patient at the beginning. The number of test users will increase rapidly in the next few days.
Together with you we want to reinvent 'Dating' to a unique and exciting experience.
We are looking forward.


PAIRE is packed with innovative features and great design
There are no tests and selection procedures needed
It should simply be fun to use PAIRE
Find people everywhere and have a date worldwide

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DATE Request

Never consider again how to ask for a date. An ingenious novel function makes this possible. There is no such a feature in any other app. No matter if you are at home or on the way ... The unique live calculation shows you the distance to the location or to other users exactly (within one meter). Restaurant, bar, café, cinema, beach, fun and so on. Information about events of the location, reviews, pictures, opening times, contact details and much more will help you to find the right location. You can also find other locations worldwide with our search function. On request, connect directly to the navigation system and arrive on time without detours to your date. Can it be easier?

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Video Chat

It's totally easy to start our Video Chat. This makes getting to know each other exciting and real. Usable worldwide ... no matter where you are.

Profile Video

On request you can create your own Profile Video. Say 'hello' and introduce yourself. Or show your hobbies and talents to be found in a completely new way.

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Send pictures, voice messages or surprise your chat partner with a very personal video message. Mimic, gestures and the timbre of the voice give you whole other impressions. It's just more real.

Video Speed Dating

PAIRE Video Speed ​​Dating is absolutely new on the market. It is easy to use and at the same time innovative. No matter where you are ... SWIPE your Video Speed Date. With Video Speed Dating... you'll find yourself in an anonymous and entertaining adventure. It's a really exciting way to get to know each other.

There will be 2 PAIRE Speed ​​Dating events a week. The premiere will take place in a few days. We will inform you about this in our app in due time.

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is FREE and fully usable

By the way: We will add a big feature in a few days

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Thank you for your patience.

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